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BEGINS JULY 22, 2024

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Page Youth Football, founded in 2011, is an organization designed to educate the youth of the community through organization of an amateur youth football league. The organization will try to instill self-esteem, exercise, discipline, structure and responsibility as well as implant firmly in the youth of our community ideals of good sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, loyalty, dedication, commitment, accountability and courage so they may develop into well-rounded youths and reflect a positive attitude to their peers, parents and their community. We also will provide the youth of Page positive experiences and safe playing environments through the education of the rules and fundamentals of the game of football by all adults associated with Page Youth Football. Another priority is to get as many youth participating within the organization. All of our goals not only will reflect what they do on the field but also what we expect them to reflect in the classroom. 

Page Youth Football Association plans to inspire the youth to practice the ideals of health, citizenship and character and give interested youth an opportunity to develop skills; participate in competitive tackle football; to bring the youth of the area together by means of a common interest in sportsmanship, fair play and fellowship ; to impart to the activities elements of safety, sanity, and intelligent supervision; and to keep the welfare of the boy and/or girl first and foremost, entirely free of adult ambition and personal glory. 

Page Youth Football Association was developed for the sole purpose of a need in Page for more opportunity for youth to participate in competitive sports. Those involved will benefit from the organization. Our entire purpose for the organization is to educate our youth the physical,emotional, and social skills that are associated with the game as well as important life skills they can take with them their entire lives. 


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